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Whether popping a clutch is more difficult in high heels or not, these muscle car girls are determined to prove that beauty can still go right along with the beast. Considering the standard engine put out horsepower, this car could definitely outrun Wile E. There's nothing adorned about either the owner or her car, which is a remnant of an era when outright straight-line performance and a bit of muscly aggression was all a car really needed. No one does ridiculous better than Nic Cage and Drive Angry was no exception; a highlight reel of the film would be his angry face and Amber Heard's slim form, all framed by a beefy Dodge Charger RT in matte black. Whether or not this Guy Fawkes actually poses a threat to society in her matching white Camaro seems like a dubious question—but there's no doubting the awesome expression of pulling that tantalizing mask down over her face while mashing on the throttle like Guy Fawkes trying to escape the Parliament building. Whether or not that's the high school football coach with a cheerleader or merely an overdeveloped quarterback who began to mature much faster than his classmates, the car is still the real star of the show. Whether a Shelby GT, GT, California Special, or a Bullitt sounds better, rest assured that the snarling engine under the hood is going feel all the better with a stick shift—and maybe a black dress and high heels to go along with it.

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The differences between the current Dodge Charger and the original muscle car are extensive.

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The Charger itself looks raw and mean, despite a sleek black exterior and the removal of much of its chrome. Alongside the modernization of the muscle car—and the slow pivot towards muscle cars that can actually perform in anything other than a straight line, as well—has come an influx of female fans who love their monsters, both new and used. Those wide rear tires, after all, could just be another stylistic addition to a muscle car. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Especially in Hellcat Redeye or Demon form, the current Challenger is one of the more potent factory cars ever made—before it receives any help from backyard tuners, as this one looks to have gotten. But hey, that Yenko Camaro that Paul Walker drove was pretty sweet, too.

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muscle cars and hot babes
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muscle cars and hot babes
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